You cannot create experience, You must undergo it Albert Camus

I studied fine arts in creative writing and fiction, at pacific university. My mentors were mike magnuson, pam houston, pete fromm, bonnie joe campbell, and david long.

After dozens of writing workshops during 2006-2013 I began to admire literature and learned that true writing has little to do with the plot or desire to be published, but it's a means of healing yourself through art.

I studied with authors who taught at harvard, grubstreet, provincetown center for fine arts, and others, with award-winning writers and editors like steve almond and tom jenks. For a year I served as an editor at the review review. my memberships include a one year writing residency at the the writers room of boston, where I worked on an early draft of my first novel.

I've written over twenty short stories, published a few, and received more than 300 rejections.

novel and publishing studio

My current novel, Dark & Lovely, that I started writing in 2016 is currently in final draft. I'm also seeking an agent for my collection of poems and short stories.