I am not
an artist
or hacker

my life in pieces

If you try to study yourself according to another you will always remain a second-hand human being Jiddu Krishnamurti

hello world.

Priyatam mudivarti is an award-winning american artist, published fiction writer, typographer, professional software programmer and architect for 18 years. Born in South India and raised in various cities and middle-east, he left his home at twenty-three to UK in 2003, worked for a year, before moving to US.

After traveling forty countries, living in Boston for several years, he now calls Northern California home, with his art and writer's studio on Cobb mountain, the highest elevation on the Mayacamas range, in pursuit of Svādhyāya.

When he's not traveling and creating art or writing, he works as a senior architect at a large tech company.