Engineering & Design

The mind is made of mindless components, and the magic spark is not present in each component, but in the way they work together. Marvin Minsky

i design and build user-interfaces and distributed apis.

after a decade of building software for creative agencies, enterprises, and seed-stage startups, i'm a fan of practical lisp dialects like clojurescript. For more than sixteen years i've written production code in c, java, python, clojure, jquery, css/sass, clojurescript, go, and a dozen templating languages.

i also speak five human languages and my mother tongue is a dialect of sanksrit. i value software craftsmanship, the pursuit of design, and the poetic moment.

as a recent opensource committer i'm active on github and enjoy reading libraries. Read one hundred books , write one, says a liberal arts college. The same is true for programming. I enjoy coding, like I enjoy writing.

my current project in the studio is an artificial editor for writers and radical reading interface on the browser. if you love literature and lisp, let's meet in MomA or go for a hike in redwoods to talk about them.

on linkedin.