Movement is my medicine, my meditation, my metaphor and my method, a living language that tells us the truth about who we are with and where we are going. Gabrielle Roth

I discovered ecstatic dance at the 2016 Symbiosis festival in California. I traced the roots and followed through the legendary Oakland ecstatic dance on wednesdays, and soon traveled across Norcal, Oregon, and Hawaii ecstatic dance communities.

Conscious movement, like other artforms, allows me to be here now.

Our greatest gift is not something we don't have, but what we have. To be here now, is to accept ourselves and surrender to bliss of dance and tea.


Shiva Shakti Conscious flow movement

When you get into a flowstate in movement, with yourself, or with a partner, the energy that you carry becomes one with dance itself. This surrender and worship to dance opens our heart to listen, to be conscious of space, and to find the time to shrink and grow again.

Tea Ceremonies

Tea, like most good herbs, lets us seep into the present and slow down. A lot happens when we slow down. We can go deeper into our breath, and feel the hot water nourish our immune, digestive, and nervous systems.

I'm fortunate to live by a creek-side cabin on a mountain, where my days start off and go well into the evening, filled with tea. It's my hope that I share my blends of herbal and caffeinated tea with you, in the spirit of zen, over poetry.

Some of my favorite teas are puerrh, darjeling green and black (first and second flush), genmaicha, tulsi, wild damiana, osha root, mullen (that I grow), dandelion, and many many others.

the mountains of the world's finest tea, at Darjeeling

Since 2019, I have been dancing every week and also offer tea ceremonies in Middletown (Dance Yogis, Harbin hotsprings), Sebastopol, and elsewhere in Northern California.