Conference Talks

Building async data pipelines
Clojure Remote, The Internet, 2017

On building higher level abstractions for managing robust data pipelines in core.async and amazon sqs.
Caching half-a-billion transactions
Clojure West, Seattle, 2016

On writing your own application caching layer for scaling a Platform in Clojure.
Protocol-Oriented Programming
Clojure Remote, The Internet, 2016
On the emerging paradigm of Protocol-Oriented programming in Clojure & Clojurescript, with references to OO Programming.
React—Life without MVC
Forward Web, San Francisco, 2015

On leaky abstractions of MVC frameworks and primitives of React in Clojurescript.
Fullstack Clojure & Cljs, from Databases to Stylesheets
Lambda Conf, Boulder, 2015
On using FP all the way: from database queries, routes, and http apis to designing templates and stylesheets in Clojure & Clojurescript.
Responsive Grids with Clojurescript
Clojure West, Portland, 2015
On my experiments with responsive typography using Clojurescript's functional primitives and abstractions on CSS.
Unified User Interfaces with Clojurescript
ForwardJs, San Francisco, 2015
On unifying HTML5, Less or Sass, and Javascript workflows using Clojurescript, with its expressive syntax and live-designing environments.
Jvm Languages ScriptBowl, JavaOne
JavaOne, San Francisco, 2014
Represented the Clojure panel, thanks to StuartHalloway along with five Jvm language geeks. I tied with Groovy!
Poem as Value
Clojure West, San Francisco, 2014
An experimental prototype on curating poems from the public domain using Clojure, Python, jQuery and Clojurescript, with a custom text parser.


I enjoy learning and teaching Clojure and Clojurescript. My style is organic, evolving, like our minds. One way to learn is building something you love, fail, keep trying again.

I'm still trying—and I hope you will try with me.

ForwardWeb, San Francisco 2016 Feb
Functional Programming in Clojurescript

ForwardWeb, San Francisco 2016 Feb
Designing beautiful UIs in Clojurescript & React

ForwardJs, San Francisco 2015 July
Functional Programming in Clojurescript


I enjoy going to and hosting Meetups. Back the in the day in Boston, I spoke on idiomatic Java & Groovy without using frameworks. The last four years I spoke and ran the SF Datomic Meetup , and local Clojure, Clojurescript, Javascript and CSS meetups.

If you have a great idea, meetup is the new Homebrew.